We talked nonstop then all of a sudden nothing? what's up with him?

so a guy I really really like and have talked to for five weeks straight all day, and he said I was irresistible and perfect and I was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and we met up a few times and he said it was so easy to talk to him, and I really enjoyed being with him, and then he's like one day if I ask you out do you reckon you will say yes and I said probably :) and we kept talking, all Monday then on Tuesday it was only one message then Wednesday nothing and same Thursday then Friday night I texted him and he replied saying he hadn't texted me as he was really sick, I asked him what was up and a guy who texts back with in a minute and if I don't text back sends me messages saying bub? took a hour and a half to reply so I'm not sure what's going on... :| help? what's your opinion? also I rang him and asked him to call me back he said of course he's just having a shower first OK! and I never got a call, that was on Tuesday night...

so yer opinions and advice please, I really miss him:(


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  • hes probably just busy