Was it right for me to ghost this guy?

I recently started talking to this guy about 3 weeks ago. I was trying to get my ex off of my mind when we first started talking so I wasn’t really looking for anything serious as I just mentioned, I’ve gotten out of a relationship. Anyways, me and this guy are texting on this dating app and then it went to our phone numbers. We talk every single day and we both replying back fast. A couple of days ago, he asked me for gas money. I don’t mean to be dramatic but I honestly got really offended that he would think that’s okay to ask me that. I’ve never even met this guy in real life and he’s asking me for money?

It just caught me off guard but in a bad kind of way. I decided quickly after that, I don’t want anything else more to do with him because he doesn’t seem financially stable. Not that is any of my business but he’s told me already he didn’t have a job and that he sleeps in his car sometimes. It just reminded me of when I was dealing with my one of my exes who was a bum and bummed off of me for money literally the entire relationship. With my ex, first it was $5, then it became $10, then it’s, $40. And you get the point, they start asking for more and more money until you’re basically an atm machine to them. I didn’t want this to be a habit with this new guy, he said he would pay me back but I don’t even know him like that to be sending him money and I just feel violated that he would think that’s okay.
Was it right for me to ghost this guy?
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