How do guys feel when their sister goes on a date?

why are they so weird about it? what do they want us to do, never date?


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  • Um...your brother most likely wants to protect you, because he's a guy, and he knows the way most guys think.

    And honestly, most guys your age are not to be fully trusted.

    Not saying you shouldn't date. It's a good experience, so long as the guy you're with acts like a gentleman, and you don't expect too much.


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  • Brothers usually know more the boy you're dating and that is a good thing sometimes but it backfires; he'll direct you to his friends more and disregard the boy if he is unknown by your brother or his friends.

    Make no mistake however, his sister is his family, he will put you first before anything else. I hope.

  • If you were my sister, no I wouldn't let you date.


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  • I had the exact same question, so I asked my brother!

    Well since our brothers are guys, duhh, they think as guys. Therefore they like girls, and know how they or their friends sometimes just go out with girls just for one thing..

    But you're his sister and he doesn't want you to do what those other girls do. And he's worried that a guy will most likely talk you into doing it. Therefore all brothers, and fathers, came up with a plan. They would do anything possible to prevent their sister/daughter from dating, so they wouldn't get screwed over by some random guy. And that plan is still enforced, by brothers/dads all over the world

    Well, that was what my brother told me, in a slight jokingly way! ;)

    Hope this helps!