What turns a guy into a creeper?

If I approach a girl I like what should l not do that could creap her out?


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  • I met a guy at work in a different zone than my own this summer. (I'm a lifeguard.) After talking for only a few minutes, he started getting...weird. He immediately asked for my number and kept giving me hugs. I'm pretty sure he hugged me 10 times before the shift was over, asked me when I'd be working there next, and told me to check my schedule to find out. He texted me pretty soon after we departed...I didn't respond.

    So, don't act overly interested. Iff you like her, show her, but not in a way that would make her uncomfortable. If you want to hug her, give her one as you leave. Don't show ever her with them. Think about what would creep you out if you were meeting a girl for the first time. Then, don't do those things.


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