Will this help her decide who she really wants?

i know Facebook doesn't "define" relationships but. her and I are long distant. we met, dated and broke up. since then she has moved because of school and she recently got with a guy who she considers her rebound from me. I've admitted to her I want her back and she's done the same. its just that there's some problems preventing us from getting back together. tonight, I decided that I would comment some of her pictures on Facebook as she is sleeping right now. I made a couple sexual comments, couple funny comments and a couple sincere comments, just to keep the variety there as to make sure I'm the one she should be both sexually and romantically into (not her rebound bf). I can still delete them if I want, but I'm not sure if I should or not.

my question is, do you think this helped or hurt me. considering our distance there's really nothing else I can do, since her phone recently broke and we can't talk via her phone, just the computer?

if you need me to post some of the comments I made, I can. but you'd have to see the pics as well, and I dk if she wants me showing those on here.

this should have been in flirting, some how it got moved to sexuality. idiots


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  • What ended up going on witgh her...


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