Did a drunken text just screw up everything? Or was this 'just friends' stuff all along?

This girl is one of my best friends. I know for a fact she used to have a crush on me, but I didn't know it at the time. By the time I'd actually found out and asked her out she'd evidently moved on. At least, that's what I thought til I got out of a bad relationship a while ago and she started comforting me and generally being far flirtatious than usual.

We keep hanging out. We both aren't normally flirty, but every now and then stuff happens between us. Like a few months ago she got extremely drunk and tried to hook up with me (she didn't remember it at all and could only laugh and say that must have been hilarious the next day).

Or last week, when after flirting a decent amount and we spent a good 15 minutes holding each other tight saying how much we meant to each other. I decided it'd be a good idea to kiss her. Rather than hit me, back away, or kiss me back she waited til I pulled away and started playing with my shirt collar/hair.

Thing is though, she doesn't seem to admit anything's weird about this. She kept hanging out with me like nothing had happened, and this last weekend still tried to hook up with the same bartender she's had the hots for for months. It would have been the 3rd time in 3 months, and when I asked her if she actually likes the guy she admitted there's nothing but sex there, the only reason she does it is because she is attracted, he's good, and there's nobody she actually wants to date.

I (upset but not wanting to show it) told her I was going to take off then, wished her good luck, and told her to be careful not to get attached. Except I was drunk, and about 5 minutes outside the bar I sent her a text saying 'on the plus side hookups like that are good for one thing, take my ex for example. I'd had a massive crush on you, she did help me with that at least even if she was a wh*re'.

Obviously not a good thing to say. She hasn't talked to me since then, but I've been too embarrassed to say anything too. Our poke war on Facebook still continues... but I still don't even know what to do anymore. What can I say to her next time? And was I wrong to think she might actually have liked me? Or is this still 'just friends' stuff and I"m just an idiot?


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  • Tbh it sounds like she's just curious and maybe thinks that because your such good friends perhaps you both owe it yourselves to see if it would work out as something more. My advice would be that if you are getting emotionally attached not to fool around or kiss etc. This happened with my best friend ( guy ) and it was fine for a while but things got awkward when I realized we were suddenly acting like a couple and that's not what I wanted. And now almost a year down the line it's never been the same becuase he couldn't hack it.

    Best of luck hope I helped


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