Would you date a doctor or a medical student?

Before you answer this question here are somethings you should know:

Doctors work long hours, especially those in training.

You may not get to see your partner as much as you'd like to, especially if you have a lot of free times on your hands.

Depending on their spec, they could work a lot their whole life.

Sometimes their work can take a toll on your partners psychological state, not just the fatigue.

Those are the people who sacrifice themselves in order to give to the society. Being a doctor is much more then a job. It is who you are and it is hard for most people not to take it home with you.

Most doctors are competitive and hardworking.

They don't choose this career for the money, so don't think dating someone involved in medicine remotely equates to searching for a sponsor.

If you are in it, or are intending to enter the medical field, do you consider having a partner with a similar job a pro or a con?

A random question directed to both males and females:

Do you consider doctors attractive? ;)

Naturally this has nothing to do with specific people and traits they may, or may not have. Just your opinion on this job attached to your life trough your partner. And what does knowing their job description make conclude about them?


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  • I think thier importance could be seen as attractive (people in uniform) and I'd appreciate thier intelliagance... but that wouldn't make them desirable necassarily

    As for the long hours I've worked as a chef before and decided that I'd never return to a kitchen. I loved my job, loved watching people enjoy food I'd made, loved having waiting staff come into the kitchen telling me and my colleagues that a certain table would like to thank us in person for the food they'd enjoyed so much, loved the creativity, the 'hands on' aspect... but the hours destroyed your soul.

    Split shifts (10-2. (2-5 was your split inbetween service... you can do NOTHING with 3 hours other than go to the gym, pop home for a shower) 5-finish (finish could be anywhere from 11-1am) 5/6 days a week... I had NO life and was underpaid for the hours I put in. I worked at a expensive prestigious restaurant amongst people with michelin stars and if I worked I could progress, make a good career out of it... but I hated all the times I'd missed friend's birthdays, days out in the summer, holidays I couldn't go on, girls I couldn't see etc... These kinds of jobs need a focused, driven person who as you said make SACRIFICES for thier work

    I've still got my whites, knives etc just in case I ever reconsider, perhaps start working part-time again as I really enjoy cooking BUT having a life that involves just working and sleeping 6 days a week, being out of the house 70-80 hours a week isn't what I want nor could I live like that again. Far to strenuous


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  • Sure I'd date one. I don't really have any problem with the obsicles you've raised.

    And no, I find people attractive, not the roles in society which they play.

  • I'm studying to be a nurse myself, so I know first-hand about a lot of the stuff you mentioned there. =P But yes, I'd love to date a Doctor, I think it's an amazing career choice to go for.

  • ofcourse :D


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  • If I liked him. I like alone time.