Do I call him first?

I have been crushing on this guy for a minute now. I am in college and I came home for winter break and got this job for the break and here I am. I thought he was interested because he talked to me first most of the time and we would have really deep conversations and ask each other questions and laugh and stuff like that. He’s also tried to touch my shoulder once and joked with me about my age and said my body hurt because I was so young and we’re only one year apart.

He offers to help me and stuff like that. He kept asking when my last day was. Most everyone I pretty much asked said that he was interested and I should get his number. I leave the job tomorrow which is part of the reason why. I’m a shy girl. Today I mustered up the courage and got his Snapchat. He gave it to me with no problem and seemed kind of happy about it. The only thing is, what now lol. I would like to text him and stay in contact. Do I wait for him to text me or could I text him first? What do I say lol.
Do I call him first?
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