Why does calling it quits with a guy hurt?

I was getting to know a guy and he was a great guy. We met unintentionally in an Uber and we started talking on the phone. We allowed conversation to flow and he admitted wanting to get to know me more, his interest, and going on an official date. I mentioned the same words as well. I held off on the date for us to get to know one another one the phone for just a few days or weeks. Usually I would get to know a guy and it’s clear it wouldn’t last but my intuition felt at peace. There was one thing though.

We had a conversation on the phone and he mentioned he’s single once again and am I single? I answered him with yes and asked did he have any kids. He says he has 2 and my stomach sunk. I’m not into dating men with kids and that’s just my own preference.
It came down to a point in the conversation where he told me he’ll give me time to think about the situation. He sent me a voice audio and it really was tough to take in because I knew my final decision and it sucked.

We had our last phone call and he mentioned how he respects my decision and wondering if we could be in contact or stay friends etc. I decided not to and we shared a couple laughs before we both hanged up and he sent his last couple texts. I think that was the HARDEST talk I’ve ever done in MY LIFE. It hurts, and even though I get emotional.

Why does calling it quits with a guy hurt?
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