Why hasn't he called or contacted me?

so we talked on the phone for 3.5 hrs, was calling and texting me - he was really into me. Then we met (at a sports bar during a game so that wasn't ideal - couldn't talk), he walked me to my car when I had to leave, gave me a big hug and a reallly good kiss. So why haven't I heard from him? What happened?


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  • There are many valid reasons why he couldn't call. Have you always immediately called a guy back the next day? Have you ever been really busy and forgot to call one of your friends or family on their birthday?

    If it's been over a week, then you should call him. What's stopping you from contacting him?

    I'm a strong believer that texting and emailing have really broken down the connections between people. Leave him a simple heartfelt voicemail.

    You know what you're comfortable doing and saying and what you want. So, go for it!


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