Is it reasonable to discuss your standards and deal breakers on a first date?

Kinda relevant I guess
Kinda relevant I guess
This is from the perspective that they were barely or not discussed prior to the date.

My own view on it:

"Whilst I've never been on a date before, I don't think it's totally unreasonable, I mean imagine going on multiple dates with the same person, only to find out they have obvious things you consider to be deal breakers e. g. opposing political views, disagreements over whether or not you want children, etc. Isn't it better to just get your standards and deal breakers out of the way, instead of wasting time, if they weren't discussed properly beforehand? Generally speaking, I don't think people are willing to compromise on standards and deal breakers. Maybe I just have a tendency to think things through really deeply and try to be a perfectionist, but given what I've said above, I feel it makes sense, even if it comes across as rushing things or moving too fast."

You don't have to agree with anyone else's opinions on the matter, just don't bash each other over it and try to explain your own reasons, if you can, that's mostly what I'm looking for, whether you agree with my view on it or not.

This question is inspired by one I've posted before, lol and one of the answers I got on there summed up my point pretty well, so I thought why not:

Is discussing politics on a first date really such a bad thing?
It's reasonable.
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Is it reasonable to discuss your standards and deal breakers on a first date?
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