Did he fuck up?

When we first started talking, he knew I would go live by my campus which is just 2 hrs away. But now that schools might open up again, he says he can't do long distance even tho the drive isn't that long. If he knew in the beginning, why did he continue this? To waste my time? I can drive to him and he can come to me. I don't know but he lost a really good girl. I never let a guy before him meet my family. I never even got naked for a guy except him. I always come to his house surprise him with his favorite food. I'd give him privacy and never controlled his life. I trusted him. His birthday is coming up and i was in the middle of working on a big collage for him... :( He should realize how special he should feel like damn. Did he mess up or is this a good reason to break up?
Did he fuck up?
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