How to move on when you're completely obsessed?

I think I love this girl at my work or maybe im obsessed or both. We went on a date last year. I felt a spark and she didn't but she liked me as a friend so we stayed friends. I started to fall for her or become obsessed or both. One day months after we went on that date I confessed how I really felt about her because I needed her to know. I didn't tell her I loved her but I really feel like I do. We use to hang out outside of work but she cut it off because she thought I was getting the wrong idea and felt like she was leading me on. That was 3 months ago and im still all about her.

We only ever say hi to each other and talk sometimes but its usually briefly. She has a boyfriend now and I think its only been 3 weeks but I found out last Saturday and I've been crushed ever since. All I've done this past week is worry/be depressed if she's with him or what she's doing with him. It has literally been driving me insane knowing what they could be doing. Its not just sexual things its really anything intimate. Its the weekend now and I know she's going to be with him most likely. She could be with him right now for all I know. It fucking kills me. by the way im not stalking her or harassing her. She never seems uncomfortable around me or annoyed. I do though check a lot when the last time she was active on FB.

Im trying to back from her for a while and focus on myself even though how hard it is. I get so depressed over her sometimes I dont want to eat or sleep. It can be pretty severe. If anything is going to change with her I know i need to change my self a little bit. I think I know one of the reasons why she didn't feel a spark and from what it sounds like its because im not grown up enough. She wants to start a family and is looking for someone reliable I guess. She has her career started and I dont but I have a legit reason for it. I dont even have my own place yet. by the way she's 23 and im 22.
How to move on when you're completely obsessed?
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