Should I say yes to her?

I have told her I liked her months ago. And that time she was interested in some other guy but that guy was never interested in her. a week ago she had a fight with him and now they don't even talk.
Yesterday she comes to me and says now she wants to date me.

What should I do. I mean it's not a rebound since they never dated. They were never a thing. So maybe she is genuinely over him and wants to be with a person who actually values her or maybe not. Maybe she is looking for rebound.
I don't know what I should tell her

I have known her for 3 years. And we have been pretty close friends. So it's not that easy to say "no" when I was the one who asked her out first. Also I really don't want to say because I like her. Why would I say no to the person I like
Should I say yes to her?
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