Why does she lie so much?

My ex girlfriend? I never in my life seen someone lie about everything. She already knows I don’t trust her and she lied tonight about sending me money. I’m suppose to be on break , but every time I take time out for myself she’s texting me for attention ( definitely clingy ). She definitely lied about some made up situations that never happened. I don’t know how I feel about her right now because I feel betrayed by her and she’s always testing me about something when in actuality she has the insecurities. Last week she took her anger out on me and accused me of cheating and lying when I asked for a break like a week or 2 weeks. She says she will get help for issues , but I doubt it. She threatened me too if I left her , but she said she was angry when I told her I was moving on ; this was after she accused me. I believe nothing that comes out her mouth. Even the fact she says she’s not cheating. Insight is needed !
Why does she lie so much?
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