Rent/ advise for my relationship?

Hello I am in difficult place. Some background about relationship We both met mutual friends and she’s my first girlfriend. We been dating for 4 years. She always want me to get better and want me to go higher (which causes fight time to time but I like the part of Doing better). We always work on our relationship up or down which is hard to find this days. I am doing decent for my age. (My girlfriend want me to have better house. Better job so she can build a case for me to her parents) also I sell replica product as side Hussle which She doesn’t like it but she doesn’t stop me either She is from middle higher class and her family is well known in community. Her parents are but backward thinking type where they care about other people opinions etc. She can’t even go hangout without making excuse to the parents Her parents and me never been introduce formally but I did go to her house multiple times in last 2 years. I always been introduce as friend (but It’s really obvious to put one plus one together) My parents already met her 6 months into the relationship and they get along very well. Recently her mom told her that her dad doesn’t approve of the relationship because I am not from same culture (South Indian). And my girlfriend just told me that. She won’t able to fight this she said and I had same feeling that if we cross this road she won’t stand up like I would.. I really never wanted to make her choice between me and her family. I don’t want this problem to cause future issues. So mutually we are deciding to call it off. Are we doing something right which will be good for us in long term? Should we work around to solve it?
Rent/ advise for my relationship?
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