So how do I help my Christian mate?

Ok, so I'm in this support group, we still meet via Zoom, we check in and share,,,
So this chap, before lockdown, is on a dating site, met a really nice girl, but it didn't work out,,,
Within a couple of minutes of sharing, he mentions his faith, is this off putting to non-Christian girls?,,,
I can just see it happening that he puts his faith forward, rather than just mentioning it if the topic comes up,,,
I find it a bit in your face when he shares, I mean maybe say, if the topic comes up, something like "I try and follow Christian values", or "churches are great ways of uniting communities, and getting people together to help others, you don't have to believe in God to do nice things, but churches can get like-minded people together",,,
He is a really OK guy, good looking, doesn't smoke, stable job, he'd be a really good catch imho, but how can I get him to shut up about Christianity, at least at first, then gradually bring his faith in,,,
Thanks for any feedback!!!
So how do I help my Christian mate?
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