How do I stop being selfish with a girl I like?

Ok so I’m talking to this new woman and we’ve both expressed how we like each other. My problem is We met online and the first time we met we hit it off we were cuddling each night and i ended up giving her head on like the 4th day of us chilling she spent the night every night she came over and then we stopped talking. I saw her on the same site and we talked and I asked if she wanted to catch up and she said yes. So we’ve been hanging out again for almost two weeks now. But it’s been her and her nephew and I chilling but I haven’t been able to be one on one. I KNOW we like each other and my problem is Im extremely sexually attracted to her and i want to go at her pace this time around. But instead of playing it cool it feels more like I’m putting myself in the friendzone and I’m nervous to make the move because I don’t know how I should approach her. Everything is so natural between us that’s why we moved fast the first time i believe and it’s still natural I just don’t know how to approach her. I don’t dislike her nephew at all I like him but now us 3 chilling all the time is kind of hindering us getting closer and I don’t know what to do
How do I stop being selfish with a girl I like?
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