Why does he get so easily offended?

My boyfriend does music and before releasing it as a album/mistake, he decided that he wanted to remaster his sound. Now as his girlfriend, I support him and I listen to all of his music and I’m not just saying this because I’m dating him but because this honestly how I feel about his work. I like his songs. I like his melody and how he uses his melody to express his lyrics. I like his sound in general, it’s different. So when he told me he wanted to remaster it to change his sound I asked him what made him want to do that only because I personally didn’t think it needed to be changed but I’m not the artist of his songs, he is so he’s gonna critique hisself harder than anyone else Burt when I asked it’s like he got insulted and said “I’m starting to think you don’t adult sit and listen to my songs because if you did you would know a few songs sound raspy.” Now to me I didn’t agree. All his songs sound smooth to me especially when I play them without headphones but it’s his songs and if he feels that way he should change it but I told him that I actually do Listen to his songs but as a listener I like what sounds good to me and I reminded him that plenty of artist put out sounds that they didn’t/don’t like but the song is a fan favorite but he still was insulted by what I said and he told me that he didn’t need me to tell him that his music was good because he knows it’s good he just needs me to tell him what sounds good as far as pitch and background sounds etc.
Why does he get so easily offended?
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