How to let him down easy?

I met this guy online about a week ago, and ultimately have decided he may not be a good fit. Firstly, his girlfriend died about a year ago, which gave him terrible anxiety. As a result of that bad anxiety, he gets really overbearing with me. Wanting to text constantly, for one. If I don’t reply back within 5 mins, he sends me texts randomly apologizing for if he said something weird or offensive (when he doesn’t so I don’t understand that), then saying goodbye to me as if I’ve disappeared or am ghosting him. I told him I’m leaving my options open until I’m ready for a relationship, and in turn, he panics, thinking when I’m not talking to him then someone else has my attention in that moment. And to top it off, he’s always wanting to snap eachother back and forth, or send voice notes. It’s an overwhelming amount of attention and not right for me. I want to end it without ghosting him, or crushing him. Any suggestions?
1 y
Thanks for the help, everyone! I told him this morning that we weren’t a good fit. He’s not taking it very well, but I can’t worry about that. Thanks again☺️
How to let him down easy?
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