Can you date internationally during this pandemic?

My long-distance relationship isn't really working out. My boyfriend is putting conditions me becoming a great cook (at expert level) by next year or else he won't come to my country to marry me.

Basically it feels like a death sentence to me. I'm just an average cook that takes longer sometimes but no where near chef level. Can I date other English speakers either from US, UK or Canada (I'm from South America) during this pandemic? I'm looking forward to having a family.
1 y
This is my traits:
- 33 year-old childless Latina woman
- Faithful
- I've only been with him when we were at the same place (1 man only)... low count
- Average cook that likes learning new things but no where expert level
- Absent-minded at times and somewhat naive in some things
- Lack of street smart
- Live with my parents due to cultural thing and lack of money for an apartment
Can you date internationally during this pandemic?
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