Waxing verse shaving

hi guys! :)

i've been shaving for a few years, and recently started brazilian waxing, but started shaving again recently

my problem is, I can't decide which is better - honestly, they're equal for me, it's kind of like this:


pros: smoother, lasts longer

cons: have to wait for it to grow back long enough, more $ (it doesn't really hurt for me so this isn't a problem)


pros: can do it whenever (unexpected dates etc), cheaper, don't need it to grow back to a certain length

cons: not as smooth, grows back faster

so guys! would you rather that smooth feeling for a week and then have stubble for a couple of weeks, or smooth for a day and stubble for a few days?


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  • I think I would rather you wax it to be honest I love the smooth feeling of a womans skin. Its extrwamly attractive. But I wouldn't want you to kill yourself having to wax if it was a problem for you. But if it isn't a problem the smoothness of a womans skin is increadibly sexy. :)

  • I like waxed better, but if you couldn't do it all the time and needed to shave here or there that's not a problem. As for the cost, once you end up with someone long term he might be willing to help you wax with a home waxing kit. Then you can turn around and wax the harry parts of him you want smooth. Unless he's a chicken and won't let you.


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