Would you also be offended by this “advice”?

So back in HS, I would tell people my frustrations with being able to get attention from guys. I was chubbier and have lost weight since, yet I am always single and already in my mid twenties. It clearly isn’t looking any brighter for me. But back in HS when people would hear of my situation, I would get feedback from people saying “just get with anyone”. I attracted attention from a few guys but they just never checked off my boxes or I did not care for their personality/appearance. But because I got attention just not from who I wanted, people would suggest that I get with them anyway. That to me is just saying that I should settle for whatever comes my way, it’s like they’re implying I can’t get any better. Would you also be turned off by this “advice”?
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Would you also be offended by this “advice”?
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