Guys, do yall makeout with all the girls you're dating unexclusively?

I've been hanging out with this guy for about 2 months now and we started making out and doing stuff recently. We aren't dating exclusively, so I'm seeing other guys and he's seeing other girls too, I think. I've only done stuff with him, not with the other guys I'm seeing Because I'm starting to like him. But do guys do stuff to all the girls they are seeing? he's a super christian guy so I'm not sure?



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  • Eh. Super christian isn't going to make any difference here. It's all fair game if you aren't exclusive. If that's a problem you should talk about making things exclusive.

    • Well if you were the guy, would you?

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    • Hahaha it's okay to have sex with all of them while seeing them all at once?

      I'm kinda feeling slutty LOL

      I've done it with that one guy I made out with ha ha that's why I'm trying not to do anything with the other boys

    • Well, yeah I guess it's kinda slutty, but you're under no obligation not to be if you're not exclusive with any of them. So it's really what you prefer. So you gave the one guy a hand job? Do you want to get your hands on any of the other guy's junk or are you good fo now?

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