Is it weird to not make out?

my boyfriend of four years has never made out with me.

Now I don't have much experience in the "love" department. He was my first kiss, and love and everything else. I had gone on a few dates before, but didn't end up liking them enough for a kiss.

Well so naturally I never got the make out session that most people experience in their teens (I was homeschooled so literally just didn't have the chance)
My boyfriend did, he apparently did a few times (dude cheated on me before he even met me like wtf. The nerve.)

But he won't make out with me because he said that when he DID, it was uncomfortable and mostly just felt weird and that he doesn't feel like he's a particularly good kisser.

Is this abnormal?
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1 y
Some people seem confused. We have sex, we've lived together for almost 3 years, we have plenty of sex, we just don't make out
Is it weird to not make out?
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