What should I do next? What does this mean?

I recently started talking to this guy about a month ago and everything seems great! We talked a lot and texted each other everyday. We went on our first date about a week and half ago; it seemed like everything was going great and as if what we had was going to be something. He had mentioned a second date as well. He went out of town this past weekend and our texting habits kind of shifted. He left me on read and haven't heard from him for the past 2-3 days. I wasn't planning on text him cause I wanted to know if there was a chance that I was on his mind. I had accidentally texted him, thinking that I was texting him when I was actually texting him; he responded but it leaves me kinda wondering that had I not texted him, would he have done so? Cause to me, it seemed like he was completely fine with not texting me for the past few days. I'm taking other things into consideration (his lifestyle, job, etc.) but it doesn't take that much time to send a quick text.
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He said he was busy with work. Everyone says that he's probably not as interested in me if he's taking days to text me back. But, then why would he agree to go out with me if he's not interested? Is he just playing games? Is he talking to other people?
What should I do next? What does this mean?
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