I'm 20, he's 35, and I really like him?

I don't ever fall for guys my age, I'm a 20 year old with practically no relationship experience and I'm interested in a 35 year old man I used to work with. Were friends on fb and throw each other a random comment here and there on fb but I don't know if he's into me, or if he'd even be interested in someone 15 years younger. I'm too afraid to say anything and don't know how to approach the situation at all because I think I really want a relationship with this person, even though I've only had one relationship ever. Help?..,


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  • invite him... maybe in the likes of "hey you want to grab dinner after work?" or "hey can you accompany my, I just gonna buy something for my blah and blah blah" and see where it gets form there :)


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