He flirts then ruins it, is he just messing with my head?

This guy blows hot and cold, even within the same text session. Can you guys read this quick sms exchange tell me if he is into me or messing with my head?

Me: ... 1 h8 j00 (after he won an online chess game.)

Guy: I love 2. Will you marry me so we can play chess forever.

Guy: 'You took my rook!' *flings a pan* 'Yea well you took my Bishop!' *flings a plate.*

Me: Ahaha! I will agree to it but only if you agree to one thing...

Guy: Ha, sorry, not happening, your brother would kill me while I sleep.

I was going to try and extend the joke, but his refusal made me pause and soured me from the whole flirting thing. What do you guys think?


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  • I don't think it was a refusal, rather than a joke in itself. If he was messing with your head then he would be all up on you wanting to date or something then shy away for a few days, or be really romantic, and then treat you like one of the guys the next day.

    • But considering he asked me, then took it back as soon as I said yes seems like...I dunno, it humiliates me in a way, doesn't it? Sort of like 'marry me-...you said yes? Haha! JK! I don't want you!' all within a joking manner.

      The 'Ha, sorry, not happening' seemed harsh to me. How does that keep it in with the flirting?

    • because its a sarcastic reference about your apparently protective brother. You could have retorted with something about like " Lol you won't need to worry about him" and then proceed with what you were saying. I have a dry sarcastic sense of humor and a lot of times people think I'm being serious... which kinda seems what your doing right now (with respect). Just try to shrug off things like that =)

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  • What? Did he mean he wouldn't marry you or was he making a joke about what he thought you were going to ask for? Either way learned a long time ago marriage jokes are not funny, especially when you are drunk :P

    • He was making a joke that he wouldn't marry me. :P Hence my confusion since /he started the goddamn marriage joke/! (I'm still annoyed about it.)

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  • well... if he knows your brother, played chess with you online, and texts you... AND felt comfortable to mention the word marriage around you it means he's interested but uncertain of wether he's coming on too strong. Like he says something but then thinks "oh that was way too forward" so he goes the opposite direction and says something weird.

    Or he could be teasing... I dunno, it's my romantic mind influencing me.