Will a man think less of me?

Had a first date with a great guy that is def not my type, but our personalities clicked so well that I looked past the appearance. We had a great dinner, great conversations, laughs, just a great night. We ended up back at my place, had 2 more bottles of wine sat out on the terrace made out a lot... and then ended up in my bed. In the morning we repeated the night before, cuddled, talked, laughed, joked, it was great. So now the question is.. Is he going to think less of me now that I slept with him on the first date?

I don't recall ever sleeping with anyone on a first date... 3 or 4th yes but never 1st. I wouldn't like to mess up my chances with him, Because I really did enjoy his company.

So, now I got an email from an account I had on POF for a boyfriend and I. looking for someone else to join us in the bedroom... And he msged me for intimate encounter... We did not have a pic up... should I call him out on it? Or should I disregard it?


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  • No. If he's the type who just wants to have a one night stand, he already thought less of you before you had sex. It doesn't sound like that's the case though, and the fact that you shared such an extensive evening will probably just make him feel that you're open and won't use sex as a weapon against him, which will end up making him think more of you.

    • So you really don't he will think less of me? I'm sure he had plenty of his "one night stands" he's in a metal band and toured for a while in Europe... I think just worried about being put in the "tramp" category when it comes to him.

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  • I dated my old girlfriend for 11 months and we slept together on the first date. Although it turned out she was quite the hooch.

  • blame the wine. 2 bottle is a lot.

    • Well it was a total of 4.5 bottles of wine... but I don't want to blame alcohol for a wonderful evening we shared.

    • 4.5 bottles! It was all the alcohol. No need to blame it. It was it. Holy 4.5 wines!

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