How do I tell himt that I like him??

recently my best friend(a guy) kissed me. I really like him but I'm not too sure how to tell him. I'm scared that ill screw something up(like I always do)


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  • Just tell him you really like him. I don't see how you could screw this up if he's kissed you, other than ignoring him.


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  • hmmm what was the kiss about?friendly kiss?goodbye kiss?or maybe even "i like u" kiss.if its the latter I would say you confessing ur love for him would be a done deal.*snap!ur married.oops haha my imagination went into overdrive ahha

    • I really have no clue what "kind" of kiss it was.. haha it took me by suprise..

    • Well I mean since you kissed you by surprise I'm guessing he did it at the spur of a moment kinda thing..haha jus go with it..ur reaction should be natural now:)

  • dont you think if he

    didnt like you he wouldnt

    even sit around you?

    he kissed you meaning

    he at least sat next to you

    for like 2 mins


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  • Tell him. It's not as difficult as it seems.

    I made the mistake of not telling my best friend that I liked him, then he fell for someone else. I learned that he had feelings for me before he fell for the other person.

    I wish that I had told him.