Going on a concert date! Cute things to do

Okay so I'm going on a date to a concert. Okay well it's not really a date. Butttt I HAVE kissed the guy that I'm going with and I like him so I need to be cute! ha ha cliche I know, but I need to know like what are cute things I could do. Like to hold his hand or whatever, or just be generally irresistible. He's just so awesome, seriously. And I'm a chill (but pretty damn attractive) girl, so I'm used to not having to make the first move. But he's shy so I think I'm going to have to take the lead here, help! Please

On a side note, I also kind of got backed into lying about how familiar I am with the band we're going to go see. Long story, but still. I virtually know NONE of the music. What tips do y'all have for memorizing music. Thank you (:


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  • I still have no clue what girls want to hear when they say 'how can I be cute.' I mean, your age is listed as 18-24, so you're a woman, not a little kid.

    Anyway... yeah, little things like holding hands, smiling, a hug, wouldn't be terrible. If you're shorter than him, tilt your head back a little when you're close and talking to him.

    Memorizing music? Listen to it over and over, lol.


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