Texting rules...guys you confuse me?

Okay so why do guys text hey what's up or hey and then the rest of the convo they rely on the girl to carry the convo and all they do is answer your question and say " u?"

are guys who do this just shy or are they bored of the convo?

if the guy does have the courage to text hey what's up/or hi or hey...should the girl go out of her way to initiate the next text

what are basic texting rules?! how do you know when to text, when to end it, if their interested etc

also what should a gal like me do if the guys is a horrible texter?!


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  • I have done that before... Not very proud of it, because when I did it, it was because I really

    1.) Didn't know what to say

    2.)Didn't want to seem creepy by texting her.

    By the way, it was a girl I kind of had a crush on. So maybe they are into you? Personally, it makes me feel good if she puts effort into the conversation because it makes me feel like I am not annoying her. I suppose if you text them back something worthwhile, it would be because you want to talk to them. I hope this helps =/ =)

    • he will do it when I have stopped texting him...like two weeks go by and ill get a "hey whts up" lol... but I give up texting him because I think maybe he isn't interested and then after some time goes by he will do it. even when we fooled around it took him almost 2 weeks to text...booty call or something more?

    • He just doesn't want to come off as a creep that text's you to much.

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  • i personaly don't like txtng. its just a teaser compared to seeing my girlfriend face to face then I just wanna see her real bad. but I do like to know what's going on in her life. ill sit and read my girlfriend texts for long a while if she wants to talk about something or tell me about somthing that happened to her :). but I'm usually doing somthing and then forget to text back and other guy stuff :)

  • Texting is seriously retarded. Conversations should not be carried out via txt, unless you are in a situation where you can't readily use your phone or be in constant communication, such as when working or in class or where talking is literally impossible, like in a noisy bar. in situations like that it should be kept brief and to the point anyway. Single questions can be asked like "what time are we meeting up" or "What bar are you guys at?" but don't try and have a conversation via text figuring all of that out via text,. You are killing the art of speaking to each other. If the guy can't text, then call him. Or maybe he is socially inept and can't even hold a normal conversation.

  • guys aren't as good at texting as girls so why try to keep up? its madness :X he's prbly too lazy or just doesn't know what to say like comment #1

  • First of all, texting is dull when you are trying to have a conversation.

    Talking is way better, and in my case, I text only for quick responses.

    Guys, we aren't as good as you girls texting so, try making him call you.

  • at times ill will say things like yeah you etc just because I don't know what else to say I want to keep talking to her but then again I don't want to bore her. I agree though it is nice when they give you big answers as it lets you know they want to talk to you or have at least some interest in dating you


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