How long should it take a guy to text back if he's interested?

Okay, so me and this guy have been talking, and he recently admitted to liking me. He's been flirting a lot, and we had planned to hang. Today he didn't text me at all, except in the morning.

what does that mean? is he still interested?


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  • i wouldent worry he admitted to liking you and millions of things can go wrong I have read messages and some one starts talking to me and I forgot about it, battery dies, busy etc my guess with this guy is just nervous now you worry about what she will think of you etc because of what you say


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  • First calm down..

    He texted you? What did ge say?

    He admitted to liking you.. Did you say it back?

    Have you texted him?

    Guys hate to be the only one to start texting all the time

    So one text a day is a good for a guy.. Try texting him

    Also don't worry if he doesn't text right away he might be busy..

    A girl I liked texted me while my hands were muddy so I couldn't text back untell I was done and washed my hands

  • Don't worry, he is probably just nervous ;) I would be, if I told a girl I liked her and we made plans... But if he openly admitted to liking you, he hasn't given up =)


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  • He most likely is interested but like was said before he's probably shy. The longest I'd wait would be 72 hours. They normally give in after a day or two if not sooner. Nerves are normally the biggest issue though.

    • True that, if a girl knows how I feel, I wouldn't be able to wait 3 days to talk to her again! =)