Ever date/fall for someone of the opposite gender who you initially were not attracted to and hated?

Yes as stated above and feel free to tell your story. What made you attracted to that person you once were repulsed by/


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  • Twice not fun at all just unexpected.

    This first one we were really young 4th grade young lol..He was mean picked on me and just mean. He moved schools and we met again in middle school, he was the cute and little player so I fell for him. We got to know each other more in high school,he always knew who I was and it took me a good while to remember he was that boy I knew from 4th grade.

    The second guy picked on me in 6th grade lol and we talked online my our jr yr. until I realized I didn't want a relationship so I stopped and deleted MySpace at the time, we had a class that year and he just didn't want anything to do with me. Although we talked again he was a real jerk but I don't blame him either.


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  • When I was in highschool, I had a class with this guy who always rode on my last f***ing nerve. All the time. He'd take my pen, close my book on my page, he was so arrogant and cocky that I couldn't stand to be around him. He annoyed me the entire time. He took my cell phone one day and insisted he wouldn't give it back unless I agreed on a date. I thought he was joking and said yea, whatever.. gimme my damn phone back. To my surprise he actually called and we just took it from there. I just got to know him better, and realized he was more of a jokester than he was an arrogant and cocky asshole.

  • I used to hate this one guy, and I was really bitchy to him.

    Then eventually we were nice to each other, and got to know him better, and now he is my best friend.

    I know this doesn't fulfill what you are asking, but he did develop feelings for me for a long time.

  • Hmm, yeah. Was never "repulsed" by him so to speak, but I might have been getting there.. :)

    I thought he was the most cocky, self-centered, egocentric, materialistic a** that I had ever laid eyes on.


    He uh, wasn't. Assumptions, hehe.


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