I want to get out there and start dating again but where should I start dating?

I don't want to date the guys @ my junior college because I don't want rumors to start going around about me. I've been celibate but I'm wondering if I should date older guys since I'm 19 and it will be something different.


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  • I'm in the same boat; I'd check out local places like coffee shops, libraries, book stores, places where our generation usually hang out in your area. The best way to find people is to just get active in your community and join clubs or organizations. I go for walks around my apt complex and surprisingly I met this guy walking his dog and we totally hit it off. We aren't together but we hang out from time to time. Just try walking or jogging around your area too. You never know who you'll run into until you put yourself out there. Be cautious of your surroundings though, there have been kidnappings all over in the past year.


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