Help getting a guy to ask me out?

i may be wrong but I think a guy at my new work may be interested in me, I recently became single and liked him before hand too , this is not a rebound.

he is leaving my work tho soon, he has a new job. we both work in a bar and he is a duty manager so he usually finishes at like 3am and I finish at 1am.

i would like him to ask me out before he goes.

is there a line I could drop to him, saying hey I'm interested ask me out. without directly saying that?

one problem, I had sex with one of his work friends there who he works with. the guy I like has also slept with one of the other girls there too, so I don't see it as a problem?



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  • 1) I assume you know how to flirt a little. 2) You could say since you're leaving, why don't we get a drink together before you go.

  • Anything wrong with asking him out? It's way easier to get a date with him by asking him out than by waiting for him to ask you out.

    • if I am incorrect and he is not into me it will be completely embarassing its a small work place and it would get arround, could affect my position there hence the need for the subtleness.

      what are some signs a guy is def. into a girl. becuase I am only recently single as of last week he might not want to push it too quickly if he is keen.

    • I think flirting with him would be the best way to give the hint that you are in to him and datable. I can't help you with flirting and you probably wouldn't want my advice there but you want to be obvious without being too out there. Get him thinking about you and the more he thinks about you the more he'll consider you. Every guy is different but if he seems to act differently around you as opposed to other girls that could be a give away that he is into you. He may not show it too much though

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