Dating exclusively but not boyfriend/girlfriend -- wth?

I've been dating a guy for 4.5 months now. We are exclusive. However, we are NOT boyfriend girlfriend. We agreed to take things slow and not too seriously right now. The guy I am seeing has a lot on his plate personally and so I can understand how the pressure-free exclusive dating relationship would be better than a boyfriend girlfriend rel for him. I feel like I am fine with this decision because to me school and my career MUST be my priority and so such a decision suits my needs too. A boyfriend girlfriend might just complicate things a bit. We see each other once a week, sometimes only once in two weeks. Communication in between meet ups is something I told him I needed more of yesterday, either through coming online or over the phone. Texting isn't really his thing. He was agreeable to this and agreed we needed consistency in keeping in touch and seeing each other. My question to y'all is ... does this seem okay for such a relationship defined as loosely as it is? Would he ever want more? How about when keeping in mind the 4.5 months? Note: sex isn't part of the relationship given he's finding his spirituality again and I am still a virgin ...waiting for the right guy. I'm 24, he 26.


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  • After 4.5 months and being exclusive... what's wrong with calling it boyfriend/girlfriend? That's what it is...

    Why is he so opposed to the boyfriend/girlfriend label? It doesn't mean you're in a life long commitment or getting married or anything...


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