He just stopped texting me?

I have been texting and talking on the phone with this older guy for about a month. We have never met though.

He usually texts me everyday in the morning and he'll call me at night a few times a week.

We are talking about wanting to meet and he's been talking about wanting to hook up with me.

Yesterday morning he texted me that he wants to meet me sometime this week, and I texted him back that I want to too and we will soon.

I didn't receive any texts from him later that day, which was kind of unusual because he'll usually text me at night and he never did. And this morning he didn't text me.

Why did he suddenly stop texting me since telling me that he wants to meet this week?

I did know of him prior to when I started talking to him. He is my guy friend's friend.


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  • He either got really busy with something or figured you'd text him back with the details. I'd try texting him to see what's up. You could be just overthinking the situation too and the guy wouldn't think anything of it. Maybe he felt he could take a break texting you if he was gonna see you this week.

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