Has Anyone Ever Gone Speed Dating?

So I'm curious, who here has done Speed Dating? Was it successful? How were the people there - nice, attractive? Why did you do it? How did you find out about it?


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  • Yes, I have, and I found overall that the people there were, in one way or another, socially uncomfortable. I did find it a bit awkward though meeting people like that was nice, much better than online dating. It was a great ice breaker but I am a pretty social person so it was fine moving through a line and saying hello to the next person. I did end up meeting someone like that and it did not last but that could happen in any dating situation.

    I would say to give it a try. You never know where you are going to meet someone. I would also, in your age group, really look into finding different activities you can join or be a part of so you can meet people, get to know them, and possibly have a connection that way.


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  • Yeah, twice. The guys were mostly nerd/dork types. There were a few pretty girls but mostly it seemed to be people that are uncomfortable meeting people in other ways. Everyone was nice, but don't forget they are all on their best behavior. I found out about it by searching for speed dating and there was an event in my city.


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