If a guy or girl does not have their first relationship till later on in life, does that mean they are ugly?

If a person doesn't get his or her first relationship until later on in life does that mean they are unattractive (assuming they had a terrific personality)? Do most good-looking people have their first relationship earlier than those who are not as good-looking?


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  • no, it doesn't make them ugly. one of my close friends is 24 and she's never even kissed a guy- but she is drop dead gorgeous. probably one of the most people I've ever seen.


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  • In all honesty yes it does mean that they are ugly, unattractive and undesirable.

    As someone who hasn't even experienced a first date at 23 I can honestly say, yes it does.

    If I was attractive or desirable then going on looks would have gotten me at least a first date from girls so that they can learn of my personality but that has never happened for me, but working back from the result to the cause led me to notice that.

    If I was good looking I would at least get a first date,

    Since I cannot get a first date even at 23 by looks then there must be something wrong with my looks,

    Since I'm 23 and have never gotten a date I must be very ugly, very unattractive and very undesirable.

    The most attractive and desirable people get taken during high school and college from what I noticed.