GUYS, I need REAL advice on how to pick up women in your late teens/early adulthood?

Once the pandemic ends and I'm allowed to attend college on-campus, I want to start dating. However, I don't know how to pick up women, nonetheless making women attracted to me. All of my advice about girls and dating have come from my mother and grandmother. I only now realized how much of a "nice guy" I've become due to their advice. It made sense to listen to them, considering they themselves are women and should know what they want in a man. But, I've also only now realized: women don't know what they want, and they're unreliable when telling men so. It makes sense why so many dating coaches for single men are other men because, metaphorically speaking, the predator is best explaining at how to hunt the prey rather than the prey themselves. And since my father is a deadbeat, I never learned anything from him and probably never will. I had no choice but to rely on my mom and grandma for a long time, and all that brought me is my first girlfriend cheating on me, my second girlfriend breaking up with me over text, a potential girlfriend who only used me for math answers, and a girl I asked out who gave me the silent treatment all throughout high school.

The only things I know based on my limited knowledge is 1) taking care of your hygiene daily and 2) make sure your clothes are clean, well-fitting, and match with one another. Aside from looks, personality, and everything else, I have zero clue. Guys, please give me some REAL, non-bullshit advice on how to pick up women! Especially for the guys who used to be like me and now have no problem picking up women and making yourself desirable/date-worthy, etc.
GUYS, I need REAL advice on how to pick up women in your late teens/early adulthood?
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