What do you think my ex is doing?

She broke up with me and moved out.

Every time we hang out she always says we should do it more, and she says she wants to get lunch because we work close to each other.

We had plans last weekend, but she texted and asked me if I would mind if she cancelled because she was tired.

I said yeah no prob, and she said are you sure? Are you mad?

And then she told me to tell her when I'm free this week to reschedule.

Is she flaking? What do you all think? Thanks!


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What Girls Said 1

  • I am a female and to be honest. She is playing you. And trying to use reverse psychology asking if you are mad? I would politely take her stuff too her. But if you were done with her. You would have declined from the start. Unless you still have feelings and possibly want to be with her again. But at the same time if she was genuine, she would not be doing the things that she is doing right now. You have to put your foot or either this is going to continue as long as you allow it.

    • I already dropped the stuff off. I told her before that I just wanted to drop them off, but she wanted to make a dinner date out of it instead.

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    • So don't even respond to the next text huh.

    • No for what why would you? Unless you were still interested. If you're done you're done if not...then continue.

What Guys Said 1

  • She is your ex and you are still trying to hang out with her? Ain't that a little backwards buddy? Ill break it to you like this: lets say I was gonna give your ex a million dollars just so she could hang out with you on that one night...do you think she is going to give me an excuse to NOT hang out? My point: if she really had high interest level in you, she would suck it up and go out with you. A girl with a high interest level never EVER breaks dates. But I'm a little puzzled as to why you would be hanging out with an ex after she did the deed.

    • She is the one who texts first every few days. And she had some stuff at my place. I just wanted to drop it off but she instead wanted to make a date out of it. Mixed signals fo sho.

    • If she texts you first, now she is toying with you...insult to injury as they say. She made it loud and clear when she said she wanted out. By playing her little games only makes you look silly in the end. You gotta stand up to her and tell her to move on since that's what SHE wanted

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