How long before a second date?

I just went on a first date with this girl and we met for coffee. Everything seemed to go well and she expressed interest in hanging out again. I also sent her a text the next day saying it was nice meeting up.

How long should I wait before asking her out again? Also what's typically expected on a second date vs a first date?

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  • How old are you both? How into the first date did she seem (scale of 1-10)? How did you first meet her (how'd you get this first date)? And how hot is she?

    • early 20s. 7/10, met her at a friends party, texted and tried to meet a few times since but both have busy schedules and fairly attractive

    • Ok. I'm going to suggest you call tomorrow (Thursday) because otherwise you get into the weekend and its less likely you'll get ahold of her. Come up with a fun, active date that you could do say, Sunday afternoon. Maybe hit an exhibit, museum even the zoo. If she's busy Sunday, check down to a drink early next week.

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