Dating Problems.....?

I have problems with dating, not like keeping them, well kinda... Because I don't really know what to talk about .-. It sucks... I can't start a convo...But I sure can hold one :\


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  • you're young, you got time. as for starting a conversation if you sometimes feel like you don't know what to say just simply go with 'tell me about yourself,' listen to the guy, pick up on things that he says and ask questions, give feedback, this will keep the convo flowing - which you said you're already good at. other things talk about: plans for the summer, plans for the future, jobs, movies, tv, food, music, cars, sports, etc... There is so much out there, you could also find things talk about of what's going on in the room, that can sometimes help too.

    • The thing is he hates when I ask questions, he says " I hate playing this stupid question game, I want to talk for real not silly questions like these" =/

    • So maybe have him start the conversation. Then ask him questions on what he says. Don't make it a game, just ask ONE question and build it up upon that and it will be a real conversation. Most of the time anyway when having a conversation there are questions, its all part of getting to know someone.

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