Does anyone else hate using the word “creep”?

I find the word creep or creepy really annoying, especially when people use it to refer to other people.

It just reeks of snobbery, like you’re trying belittle someone and you somehow feel that you’re superior to to them.

Everyone says they hate bullies but don’t realise they’re bullies themselves.

Bullying someone isn’t just giving them a wedgie or stealing their lunch money, it’s the constant act of humiliating someone.

I find that men and women use this term in two different ways,

Woman use it as a way to belittle a guy who came onto them but they weren’t attracted to, they’ll complain about e method of approach the guy used when in reality of a guy they were attracted did the same thing they would be all over him. So it’s not really about the method it’s a just a way of saying “I’m too good for you” I just think it’s something women use to boost their own ego like “look at me I’m so beautiful even creepy guys want me”.

While guys will call people creepy just as a way to shame them in public and make themselves feel big.
I seen people get bullied and never thought too much of it, till one day I got talking to one of them and realised he was getting bullied for some things I had in common with him. They were getting bullied for liking things I liked, so I was able to relate to him.

So if you’re a guy or a girl, man or woman and often refer to people as “creeps” please be careful what you say to people, cause words matter, before you call someone creepy ask yourself this, is he really creepy or am I just a stuck up my own arse”
Does anyone else hate using the word “creep”?
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