GUYS: when you say you're too busy to hang out or text.. are you really busy or is something up?

question says it all: say you and a girl have been seeing each other for 2 weeks straight almost everyday.. then out of no where you stop making effort to chill with her because your "busy"... are you really busy or are you done?


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  • This is tricky and could go either way... I have had times when I was actually busy for a week and had valid arguments for why I couldn't talk or hang out and I have also just been annoyed by a girl and kinda just didn't want to talk any more. I'm sorry if that doesn't really help but knowing the guy would be a lot easier to judge. If he has excuses and you feel in your heart he is telling the truth then he probably is, but if there is any doubt then he isn't trustworthy and you probably shouldn't date/want to date him anyway. Trust is a major issue in relationships and this is a great sign before one starts. Good luck and I hope he is truly just busy. =-)

    • i don't trust that he's just busy.. but I do trust that he likes me. I saw him last Saturday at an event and he was treating me like I was his girlfriend. he even told my friend at an after party when she brought me up that he was into me. just I too have an extremely busy life.. but I would make time for him in it. why can't he do the same

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    • it could be just an internal issue for him.

    • that sucks. he needs to grow up.

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