Why do men keep calling?

this man said its not a good time for us to be in a relationship but he calls and texts everyday. He knows I am wanting a relationship, because I've told him several times this and asked him if he liked me or not. He says yes but bad timing (hes not dating anyone else). The problem is that I am still falling for him and I know he's been hurt before so don't want to push him, same token I don't want to wait forever, for someone whose in a place that's unavailable. My question is why does he call me everyday (we don't live by each other), if he doesn't want to to be committed (he doesn't want sex, doesn't believe in it before marriage), at this point and how do I get some space so I stop falling for him but don't fully lose him as a friend, just I'm falling worst then I should and its not like me to do this.

This should have been under dating, but not sure why they placed it here... is this a sign of some sort :p


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  • The placement probably has something to do with you saying "sex." That apparently is the trigger for being automatically sorted into Sexuality.

    Still, this guy sounds weird... "it's not a good time to be in a relationship?" Why? Is he homeless? With an ex? Studying for finals or working on his thesis? Seriously, who says that? Replace him with someone more local, that is equally or more compatible with you, and you'll stop falling. You can still be friends (maybe), but he needs to learn to pull the trigger.

    • Ironically I'm moving to where he lives (bought the house before knowin him).Ive tried to put some space in between hiscalls without being rude because I do like him would this be clear in your opinion;Ive been thinking *dangerous I know* nad youc mentioned timing is off because you have things to work out in your life I truly do like you so don't want to impede on you figuring things out, because I've been there before,So I'm going to back off to gve you the space you need to figure things out,wish you the best

    • Oh and he said because things are screwed up in his life, money because work is short and he's not sure where he is going to be in a few weeks do to a job,although he is coming back...just don't get it

    • It sounds pretty strange, really. If you really care for the guy, roll with it. Give him space or whatever, but make it clear that you're not going to be around forever. If this doesn't get him to take some initiative, consider moving on. If he gets all uppity about it (probably complaining about his lack of money or work or whatever), take it in stride - he's probably somewhat embarrassed. If he gets nasty, drop him faster than a call with bad reception.

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  • gah this really annoys me:( Honestly, he should appreciate you and realize that he needs you to be his before someone else snaps you up! I honestly believe that if a guy doesn't want to be in a relationship with you right now, they don't deserve you. Why should you wait? Go out and date!

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