Is he making "the gesture"?

this is about a guy I liked in the earlier years and it was his birthday so some old friends and I went to his place. presently I have a boyfriend and it didn't concern anyone to talk about the birthday boy's potential girlfriends to be. he told everyone that he's not interested in any girl the group mentioned.

when it was finally time to leave I kissed him on the cheeks and told him that I hope he did have a happy birthday. he held my hands tight and kissed me back, then he asked me whether I would get married within the year. what does he mean?

later on I realized I was thinking of him than my current boyfriend. what do I do?


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  • First, you got to think about if you really like you boyfriend and if you do then you don't want to hurt him and you shouldn't let this other guy come in between. On the other hand, if you don't and you just want to be friends then you might want to go for this other guy. Just keep in mind, you don't want to hurt either of them, so choose wisely.

    • thanks rubzie, great help. I indeed don't want to hurt either of them...but I have to choose one. birthday boy felt defeated already as his status in Facebook apppears so, and I want to explain to him I'm not a two timer. my boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship. I'm happy when I'm with my boyfriend, but how come birthday boy brings out the poet in me? I opt to choose birthday boy now, and I've weighed the pros and cons several times. what could be the best way to tell him?

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    • haha, so nice of you. so much thanks, truly that "he brings the poet in me" makes me laugh too...

    • It's okay, good luck to you &+ lol thanks for making me the best answer :)

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