My boyfriend wants me to ask him if he wants to hang out?

so I have this boyfriend of 8 months and he wants me to ask him if he wants to hang out more and like I know that he asks me most weekends if I want to do stuff but I don't wanna ask him because I don't wanna pressure him or feel like a controlling girlfriend and he says that makes him mad when I say that and I don't argue Because I'm very passive but ah should I ask him like and just be selfish and want him to hang with me when I want?


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  • it works both way. you should both ask each other to hangout. its not controlling or selfish ; I don't think. but there will be times that are convenient for you and won't be for him if you ask him to hangout because its when your available or times that are convenient for him and won't be for you when he ask you too hangout because its when he's available. vice versa. just ask him, but he won't always be able to hangout when you want.

    good luck (:

  • Yes you should. There is a long stretch between asking someone if they are interested in doing something with you and being a controlling girlfriend. If you NEVER ask him out to do anything, you come off as apathetic.

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