It was always difficult to find time to hang out again properly. Girls what does this mean?

I knew this girl was interested in me, met her by accident a couple of times and chatted, eventually hung out properly, slept with her, seen her a couple of times afterward but not in the right circumstances to do anything like that again, but due to her working all the time It was always difficult to find time to hang out again properly, so I texted her to find out if she was really into me? or just wanted to remain friends? and she replied with this "Maybe friends would be better, I enjoyed that Thursday night a lot and I do like you. But nothing is really happening, which I know is my fault what with my obsessive working habits, and I do feel like I'm messing you around a lot, I don't mean to I swear' I talked to her friend about it and she said it wasn't a problem with satisfying her or anything just that she needs to stop dating younger guys, she's 2 years older than me. Just curious as to what the real problem might of been? As I'm pretty bummed about it.


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  • maybe she really is busy. she may not have liked the intimacy, she may not have liked your company and was just being modest. she may felt she moved too fast or she could have or boyfriend or met someone. or it could be bad timing.


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